What Is This Place?

Or more properly, what was that place. This was the intro post for XTremeBlog, which could almost be an intro post for Geek Practitioners Blog. I’ve redacted the e-mail address, but otherwise left it the same.

XTremeBlog is an idea I’ve had almost since I learned about blogging, and in some respects before that. It is a less formal, more frequently updated adjunct to the XTreme Computing site, for publication of technical information and opinions. On some level, it’s inspired by and an extension of our haphazard publication of Visual Basic tips dating back to the earliest days of the XTreme Computing site in 1997. You may see some of those ported over as blog posts, as the entire site is restructured and this becomes their natural home.

Blogs tend to grow in ways unexpected, but the content planned here ranges from elementary computer and software tips to geekfest programming discussions, from opinions on hardware and software to discussion of the tech industry, from management of technology to business more generally, from serious computer issues to geeky yet not really technical bits of fun.

To keep it varied and active, contributors who are not directly a part of XTreme Computing have kindly agreed to join us. They may choose to post a little about themselves by way of introduction, or not.

I hope you enjoy what we’re doing here. Suggestions are always welcome, by way of comments or by e-mailing [obsolete address].