I swapped the SATA drive into the new computer, changed the jumper on the DVD-RW drive back to master and plugged both it and the plain DVD drive in on the IDE cable, fired it up, and with minimal fuss was installing Windows Vista from the DVD drive.

That went smoothly enough. The hardest part was reading the CD key without a magnifying glass, or the eye exam and new glasses I won’t be able to afford for the proverbial foreseeable future. I say proverbial because foreseeable future is one of those common expressions we use that I saw someone rip apart one time, so I have never looked at it the same or used it as comfortably since. Deb helped with that. I must remember to buy a magnifying glass. I need it on almost a daily basis, or so it seems.

For the past hour or so I’ve been exploring. Which was made more interesting by the fact that the one mouse I have here that is USB has a dead right button, thanks Valerie, so I can’t right-click. seeing what’s on the context menus, and getting to settings and such via them, is my preferred way. Which was why I fairly quickly swapped to another mouse on this computer after that one became crippled. How soon we forget. I should have remembered and ordered a USB mouse or two along with the two USB keyboards, but for some reason I was convinced I had viable ones. Multiple.

It’s pretty.

They’ve “fixed” elements of the interface as compared to XP enough that I may decide I don’t have to switch to the classic Start menu, use classic folders, and whatever. Except I already had to switch Control Panel to classic view, though even that was almost viable.

I killed the sidebar, though I could see using it with selected widgets, ultimately.

I have the computer off the grid, so to speak, and it’s amazing it hasn’t pestered me to activate Windows. At all. I have no doubt it will remind me later, but it’s remarkable in its lack of nagging. I’ll try networking it at some point, which will mean it being online and all.

They’ve changed where user profiles go.

It took me a long time to figure out how to do the flip through windows sideways thing that wow people with as the reason to switch. Cool trick, but not useful. At all. Just a trick. The previews in the normal alt-tab bar are just as useful.

I haven’t run into the virtual men in black, demanding my approval for me to do something dangerous, all that many times, and it’s been about where I’d expect. Far from annoying enough to turn off, yet. For instance, when I ran regedit I was prompted. I gave the registry a pretty good once over. It’s basically the same registry, with no differences you wouldn’t expect.

Instead of the old + and – indicators for expanding and retracting, there are triangles and angled triangles. Cuz I am sure all the people I’ve had to explain the totally obvious plus and minus interface to over the years will understand the triangles sooooo much better without having it, you know, explained. A time or few.

There’s a lot of cool, smooth graphical tricks and transitions that might not be useful but they sure are purty.

I poked around at a command prompt for a while and probably the most interesting thing I found is that some folders that used to show up for dir/ah because they are hidden will no longer show, as if they have an attribute above and beyond mere hidden. Which is certainly possible.

I was surprised at how much stuff was under the temp folder, which lives in the same spot as ever. Because I am weird, I confirmed that using the SET command in DOS, which shows all such environment variables.

There are some odd new folders under system32, if I am not mistaken, but just for giggles I checked and found HOSTS was in the same place.

I need to do tons more investigating, try messing with it, stuff like creating other users, get it on the network and see if that goes smoothly, get it online, copy files to it, install some stuff, that sort of thing. I explored control panel, particularly administrative tools, a fair amount, brought up task manager, and so forth.

The biggest problem I have is with where to put the machine so I can actually use it. I’d like to take part of my actual work and stuff to it just to give it a good shaledown. We have a rough plan for rearranging the office, but that requires moving some furniture from the office to here and around the apartment. Ugh.

Right now I need to make supper. I’ve probably forgotten something of interest about my preliminary Vista experience. Besides that 3D Pipes, my favorite screensaver, is gone, but one called Bubbles is kind of cool. I was thinking about making something along the lines of chicken and gravy, with green beans on the side if the ones we have left are still good. Then I imagined concocting something like a sesame ginger green bean dish, sort of coated with a light sauce and toasted sesame seeds. Then I thought, well, one could do that with chicken and beans mixed together.

But I’m not sure. Depends on the condition of the beans and how adventurous I feel. Tomorrow is going to be, of necessity, shopping day, because we’re outta too much. Last night was fried chicken. Night before was spaghetti with red sauce and hamburger. Night before was fried chicken, which came out so good that’s why I tried it again, but it was rough on the olive oil supply. Before that was chicken broccoli alfredo. Chicken chicken chicken. The only reason there was relief for the spaghetti was I picked up a pack of hamburger during a limited-cash diaper run.

Okay, to the kitchen!