Amiga History

Over at Ars Technica they are working on a superb history of the Amiga. Sadly, I never had the pleasure of using one, but I have heard nothing but raves about them over the years, and I know there are many still in use and software still being written or adapted for them.

Check out part 1. Naturally it’s fairly long, and it’s only the first part.

I gather that typical non-technical tech company management was a big factor.

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  1. wayne

    I used an Amiga computer in Junior High. They had 5 or 6 of them. Its funny because in High
    School when they introduced us to the “New and Mighty” Mac’s I wasn’t all that impressed. I said to my computer teacher “The Amiga’s they have at the Junior high are better then these!”. He nodded in agreement. The only thing that I saw that was an advantage was the ability to create greeting cards with graphics and print them.
    Its too bad that they didn’t last. Funny how sometimes things get overlooked because they are before there time.

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