Monthly Archive: February 2005

Details, Details

Last night I setup a new HP1160 printer to be shared by two senior secretaries who do administrative work and can especially use it to print labels readily. I didn’t print from any applications, but it tested fine, and could print from both.

This morning the person whose machine it physically is connected to e-mails, with no subject of course, which is a big pet peeve of mine:

Marshall, I can’t seem to print to the new printer. I went to print options and selected HP 1160 and I get an error message. Help!


What’s the error? Did you change anything? Does a test page still print? Does it still print from the other computer? Is it still turned on the way I left it? What’s the error?

The result of my reply along those lines will probably be another e-mail an hour from now with terse, incomplete responses that don’t help much. I have been dealing with these people for more than six years, and they still almost never provide detail enough to help them on a first pass – often not as much detail as above – despite all that experience being asked for more info.