PHP and MySQL Reading

Recently I have been looking through the SAMS book Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache, by Julie C. Meloni, and from what I have seen it is most excellent. Then again, books published by SAMS tend to be.

I say “looking through” because, hey, who sits and reads a computer book cover to cover, in order, unless maybe it’s by Alan Cooper (speaking of Cooper, this homonym list is cool).

Well, strike that. I read Code Complete cover to cover. Rob, who is one of the so far mostly theoretical contributors to this site, recommended it to me way back when, and I certainly concur. It’s just not what you’d call light reading.

Anyway, I was interested in PHP programming and making it talk to MySQL so I could extend what I can do with blogs, maybe apply some of it to web site building in general, and possibly create online applications, if only for personal or internal business use. This blog uses PHP and a MySQL database.

As a relatively introductory text, there is no doubt much to know that it doesn’t cover, but there are tremendous resources online once you know where to start. The PHP prgramming parts flow in a logical order and are easy to follow. All the more so if you have knowledge of an existing programming language.

It also jumps right into practical applications; mailing list, online address book, discussion forum, storefront, shopping cart, and calendar. I find that kind of thing cool.