Even Old Dogs Can Learn Something New Daily

I actually did not know this! Which is a complete shock to me, having a fairly deep knowledge of such tricks and having come from a Microsoft support background.

Ctrl-C while an error message is popped up, text of the message goes on Windows clipboard, you can paste it in an e-mail to your supper person or save it in a text file for future reference. I always used the “jot it down” or Alt-Print Screen methods.

So seeing this, I just had to test it. Lacking something giving me an error, I fired up VB.NET on the theory that an error message is just a message box. I did the simplest thing possible in a new app, so this is in the form load event:

MsgBox(“There has been an error. So there!”)

I ran it, pressed Ctrl-C, and pasted into Notepad. The text in Notepad is:

There has been an error. So there!

How cool. I can’t believe I didn’t know that, so I wonder how new it is. Can’t be completely new, as I am on Windows 2000. It also gives no indication that it’s doing anything useful; pressing Ctrl-C on the error message causes a “that keystroke doesn’t cut it in this situation” error sound.